The Cranleigh-Guildford Railway Line

As Guildford and Cranleigh continue to expand to meet the housing need for our area, the inadequacy of the local road infrastructure is only likely to get worse.

There is genuine local concern that the current road infrastructure is insufficient to cope with the amount of traffic that large scale housing development would bring to both Guildford and Cranleigh.

Rather than build more roads, which would create more pollution and eat into our green belt land, we propose that Surrey County Council undertake a new feasibility study into the infrastructure and the potential to reopen the Downs Link from Cranleigh-Guildford for an alternative public transport route. A light rail, tram or guided bus solution would not remove a shared use of the Downs Link for walkers or cyclists.

For reference;

Crainleigh Railway Information
Cranleigh Rail Trust
Cranleigh Railway Wikipedia

Sign the petition today so we can get a feasibility study conducted. 


One thought on “The Cranleigh-Guildford Railway Line

  1. As a Cranleigh resident the local road congestion is horrendous. Re-establishing this link would make a huge difference to reduce this problem.

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